FOR CONTRACTING AND RENTAL EQUIPMENTZAHEER MUJAHID DAD KAREEM EST Established in 2007, Zaheer Mujahid & Co. is a business venture offering professional engineering and contracting services.


Zaheer Mujahid Dad Kareem Est. provides high quality civil and electrical installation works.



About Us.

For more than 35 years, Electrical Supply and Transmission has been essence of ZMDK business. Established in kingdom of saudi arabia since 2007 we have made long strides with diversified portfolio. Right from inception we have undertaken several small scale engineering projects; all completed on time, and up to the highest standards with complete satisfaction of our clients., Up..

Efficient service is our goal !

Engineering Contracting

Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management(EPCM).All the activities from design, procurement, construction, to commissioning and handover of the project to the Client "

Field Survey

Collection and gathering of information at the local level by conducting primary surveys.They are an essential component of geographic enquiry.It is carried out through observation, sketching, measurement, Data Collection, etc. .

Equipment Hire

Providing Vehicles, machinery, equipment and tools of all kinds and sizes (from earthmoving to powered access, power generation to hand-held tools etc.) for a limited/unliited period of time to clients, mainly to sub contractors but also to the industry and to individual consumers.


Construction of all kind of foundations, Buildings, Electrical Poles, Towers of Transmission Lines Etc.

Construction of Sub-stations

Civil and electrical works of sub stations 380/110/13.8kv.

Making of access roads

Construction of access roads for Transmission line routes and other installations where approach needed.

Our Summary

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We have a wealth of experience in carrying out civil works including earthwork excavations, erection of power distribution poles,

foundation work for power transmission lines and general building /construction works. We have the resources and expertise to manage any scale construction project from start to finish.

The company is fully equipped for handling site surveys of all types ranging from topographical survey of large areas for developers

to a very detailedsurvey for building sites.

Our Clients


Our Clients would see as Integral part of their Success . We take pride in delivering to their needs on every commitment we make.We are always in search of new opportunities to expand our business and we wish to continue taking part in the new development work in Saudi Arabia.


2007 - Zaheer Mujahid Dad Kareem Est | Al-Harmain Pakistan Pvt Ltd Al-Harmain Pakistan Pvt Ltd !

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